EnGeniux to Restructure OTON X Game Console Crowdfunding

The EnGeniux OTON X dev crowdfunding campaign went live May 6, and now, the developer has decided to restructure it.

EnGeniux to Restructure OTON X Game Console Crowdfunding

Take a look at the official EnGeniux press release:

Anniston, AL – May 15, 2014 – Today, the EnGeniux project announce that the OTON X autonomous game console crowdfunding project will officially be restructured going forward and canceled on May 28th 2014. The daily crowdfunding tally system will be removed from the www.GetOTONX.com pre-order website.

The OTON developer unit crowdfund ending is not a result of the system being canceled or delayed from its scheduled release date. All developmental work will continue as planned. The GetOTONX.com site will drop the crowdfunding structure but still offer OTON console pre-orders. Pre-orders can still be accepted and no credit charges will be charged to customers until the OTON X dev units are one month away from shipping.

To be fair the EnGeniux project will offer the $99 and $139.99 unit for only two more weeks (from the week of May 15th to the 28th 2014). After the next two weeks the new official price will be updated on the GetOTONX.com website for the OTON developer units. Backers that have existing orders will have the option to either cancel or continue to hold their current order. All rewards for current backers will be carried over as promised.

“There is no need for concern,” says OTON X creator and project manager Derrick Samuels.“Everything is fine and our current backers can expect a few additional surprises with OTON units in the coming weeks.” EnGeniux is optimistic that the units can be ready sooner depending on demand. The crowdfunding will no longer be a necessary component in the development for OTON dev. Derrick states, “As a result of several new exciting opportunities crossing our path at this time we feel that crowdfunding is no longer required for us to continue OTON’s development or success. So we have decided to end the crowdfunding early in order to move forward with the project.”

Source: EnGeniux