EnGeniux New OTON X Game Console Crowdfunding Dated for May 6

Earlier last month, EnGeniux announced that its new OTON X game console is set for new crowdfunding.

EnGeniux New OTON X Game Console Dated May 6


Today, the developer announced that its new OTON X autonomous game console crowdfunding project will go live May 6th.

The project goal is to raise $250,000 in which the funds will be used for system mold, additional software development and FCC approval.

The OTON X console is the first autonomous game console to self-create game levels and games without a full-time developer. The system creates games using a custom algorithm with preset design parameters and a sprite database to create custom game environments. This process saves time and money and support developers with new game content to players much faster.



1. Receive instant new 2D games daily created by the OTON artificial intelligence network (3D coming soon)

2. Create new custom 2D games quickly and easily using OTON Creation Automation Engine

3. Co-develop with friends, developers and OTON

4. Mod your OTON games with your custom user content

5. Co-Op play with friends

6. Sell your custom game creations in the OTON store

7. Sell your custom game character or sprites assets in OTON store

You can find out more about the exciting OTON X game console by going to the following links:

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Source: EnGeniux Press Release