Endless Legend First Expansion Pack Guardians Now on Steam


Following Three Free Updates, Amplitude Delivers First Paid Content Expansion

Paris, France – April 29, 2015 Critically-acclaimed indie developer Amplitude Studios announced today an enormous new expansion for its award-winning 4X fantasy-strategy game Endless Legend. Dubbed Guardians, the first paid expansion offers a balance of giant Elemental Guardians, spectacular Legendary Buildings, additional Unique Buildings, Cooperative and Competitive quests, and more. This substantial expansion is a direct response to Amplitude’s Games2Gether fan base that’s demanded more end-game “toys” in the sandbox with which to play. Strategy fans can buy the new expansion for $9.99 on Steam.

Endless Legend First Expansion Pack Guardians Now on Steam

Endless Legend: Guardians Features:

  • Five new Guardian Units: Long chained by the Endless, these gigantic elemental Guardians have finally reawoken. Powerful late-game units, any faction can build them and use their unique abilities to their full destructive effect.
  • Ten new Legendary Deeds: These unique in-game achievements are encountered throughout the Eras and once the prerequisites are met by a player they will give them a significant edge by unlocking either the new technologies, items or city improvements included in the expansion.
  • Five Legendary Buildings:  Massive undertakings, these awe-inspiring buildings can only constructed by one player per Era. Unlockable by achieving Legendary Deeds, these buildings are so powerful they are visible on the map.
  • Ten Unique Buildings: Additional unique buildings that will provide benefits and allow players to specialize their cities depending on their surroundings.
  • Cooperative and Competitive Quests: Both cooperative and competitive quests have been added in which players players will either need to work together or compete to obtain a reward or suffer the hard consequences.
  • New Events: New global events have been added to the game as well. Players will need to confront and be the one faction to make the most of unexpected events that will occur and affect the whole planet.

Watch the Endless Legend Guardians of Auriga launch trailer:

And, here is a special conversation with Amplitude’s Jeff Spock to get a deeper look at the new expansion:

Known for its deep, engaging, and gorgeous 4X strategy games, Amplitude Studios’ Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless were honorable mentions for Excellence in Design while Endless Legend was honorable mention for Seumas McNally Grand Prize in the 17th Annual Independent Games Festival at GDC 2015. Amplitude’s first game Endless Space won the 2013 Golden Cube and Community Choice Unity Awards. For more on Amplitude Studios on its Website (www.amplitude-studios.com), like it on Facebook, and follow it onTwitter. For more on veteran strategy game publisher Iceberg Interactive, follow it on Twitter @Iceberg_Int, ‘like‘ it on Facebook, and watch it on Twitch and YouTube.

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