Emoji Stars iPAD Review

This is the review for the iPad version of developer Emoji Stars by developer b-interaktive.

The goal of the game is to guess or describe a song using only emoticons. The gameplay trailer exemplifies one round of guessing using Survivor’s, Burning Bridges. The right answer earns you and your Teammate Stars and lets you listen to the best parts of the song. Stars you earned can later be used to obtain useful tips to correctly guess other songs, making you the ultimate Emoji Stars Champion.

Emoji Stars iPAD Review


Emoji Stars graphics are vibrant and colorful. The emoticons are clear and crisp and everything on the screen appears to be just the right size and texture. For these reasons, we gave the graphics a 5 / 5.

Emoji Stars sounds are amazing. You’ll be able to hear song after song and enjoy clear sound technology. We gave the sound a 5 / 5.

Emoji Stars iPAD Review


Emoji Stars is immensely fun to play for all ages. We had many favorite parts in the game such as word unscrambling puzzles to guess the song title as well as the picture puzzles. We made a good use of the bomb feature as well, that magically destroys all the unnecessary letters in the word puzzles in order to be able to guess the song title. And if that’s not enough and you just can’t think of how to unscramble the title, just hit the song clip hint, and you’ll be able to hear a short verse to help you out. This game is fun solo, with your friends, or random online players. We spent many hours guessing title after title and earning stars that are used for tips to guess other song titles.  We gave the gameplay a 5 / 5.

Emoji Stars features very simple, touch screen controls in typical iPAD style. Just tap the screen for all of your actions. We did not run into any glitches whatsoever and for this reason, we gave the controls a 5 / 5.

Overall, Emoji Stars is fun and highly addicting! If you are a music fan as well as a word and picture puzzle fan, then this game is for you. You’ll hear songs from all genres and generations as well, so don’t think that it’s so easy. The challenge comes from trying to guess the correct song title from thousands of available songs. The hint system is amazing and really comes in handy when you just can’t seem to guess the correct song title. In addition, while many other emoji music games are single-player experiences, Emoji Stars allows you to work with your music friends all round the world to see who are the real music masters. We mark this as a definite buy.5 / 5

Here is the official game trailer:

Emoji Stars releases today for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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