Elegy for a Dead World Review for PC

This is the review for the Windows PC version of Elegy for a Dead World by Dejobaan.

In Elegy for a Dead World, you travel to distant planets and create stories about the people who once lived there.

Three portals have opened to uncharted worlds. Earth has sent a team of explorers to investigate them, but after an accident, you are the sole survivor. Your mission remains the same: survey these worlds and write the only accounts of them that outsiders will ever know.

Elegy for a Dead World Review for PC


The graphics of Elegy for a Dead World have a painting like quality to them. The scenes are believable and make you feel as though you if you take your mask off, you’ll die due to lack of oxygen. The air appears thick through the graphics. We gave the graphics a 4.5 / 5.

The sound of Elegy for a Dead World fits in perfectly with each scene. For example, in the snow scene, you can hear the wind blowing. The music is quiet and respectful to the writers. We gave the sound a 4.5 / 5.

Elegy for a Dead World Review for PC


The gameplay of Elegy for a Dead World is nothing like you are used to.  While you get to explore the different worlds, the only action that you get to take is besides walking (or flying) is writing. Each scene gives you a license for wonderful creativity as no story is right or wrong. You can tell your story as you like it (free style) or fill-in-the-blanks of pre-existing stories. We really liked the concept of free style and tried out several scenarios – no two games are ever the same. We gave the gameplay a 5 / 5.

Controls are  very simple. Simply use the left arrow and right arrow for directions. Pressing the right arrow plus up arrow will let you fly over the scene. To write, simply press the Tab key and to finish writing, press the escape buttons. Because of this ease of use, we gave the controls a 5 / 5.

Overall, Elegy for a Dead World is a very creative game. Don’t expect any shooting action or loot. But the best part, is that once your writing is done, you can go back and preview “your” game, since you wrote it. You can even opt to read other players stories. We liked it because it’s different than any other game that we’ve ever played before and we could make it into anything that we wanted.


4.5 / 5


Take a look at the official game trailer below:

The Elegy for a Dead World Beta starts today, December 10 for PC. Take a look at the Kickstarter page.