Ekop Wins Spellweaver PIONEERS Invitational Tournament

Ekop Wins Spellweaver PIONEERS Invitational Tournament

Developer Dream Reactor has announced that the first ever official Spellweaver Pioneers tournament was a glorious celebration of the game. 16 high ranked Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering champions met each other in an epic Spellweaver clash!

Two players from the original lineup dropped (P4whnyhof, Vlps) in the last moment, but amazingly enough substitutions were found. On top of that there were no servers crashes, no technical issues, no bugs!

More than 10 Twitch.tv streams were live during the tournament, including the Noxious one and SpellweaverOfficial hosted by The Fuzz and Boltor. Speaking of hosts, all of them did a great job commenting on the games and building the entertaining and intense atmosphere.

Ekop won the tournament without losing even one game, but there were many other formidable performances. Xixo was stellar, while Dart_HS, C4mlann and DTwo played really well. StanCifka and pvddr, who were considered favorites before the start, didn’t manage to get to 3 wins, but were part of some of the most interesting moments. Special mention goes to Hotform, who was the only competitor brave enough to play his own original out of the meta decks.

Ekop Wins Spellweaver PIONEERS Invitational Tournament

Here is the full list of Spellweaver Pioneers participants and the final standings:

  • 4 points – Ekop / 1500$
  • 3 points – Xixo, Dart_HS, C4mlann, DTwo / 500$
  • 2 points – AKAWonder, stancifka, pvddr, MrScottyMac, JABLOL, Admirable / 250$
  • 1 point – GuardsmanBob, Crane333, Naur, Chakki
  • 0 points – Hotform

And here are the brackets:

(video replays coming soon)

  • Round 1 
C4mlann vs. JABLOL 2-1
AKAWonder vs. Admirable 2-0
Xixo vs. stancifka 2-0
Ekop vs. Hotform 2-0
MrScottyMac vs. Chakki 2-0
pvddr vs. GuardsmanBob 1-2
Crane333 vs. DTwo 0-2
Naur vs. Dart_HS 1-2

  • Round 2 
MrScottyMac vs. Xixo 0-2
DTwo vs. AKAWonder 0-2
Ekop vs. Dart_HS 2-0
GuardsmanBob vs. C4mlann 0-2
pvddr vs. JABLOL 2-0
Naur vs. Crane333 1-2
stancifka vs. Chakki 2-0
Hotform vs. Admirable 0-2

  • Round 3 
Xixo vs. AKAWonder 2-0
Ekop vs. C4mlann 2-0
DTwo vs. GuardsmanBob 2-0
MrScottyMac vs. stancifka 0-2
Admirable vs. Dart_HS 1-2
pvddr vs. Crane333 2-0
JABLOL vs. Hotform 2-1
Naur vs. Chakki 2-0

  • Round 4 
Xixo vs. Ekop 0-2
AKAWonder vs. C4mlann 1-2
Dart_HS vs. stancifka 2-0
DTwo vs. pvddr 2-0
GuardsmanBob vs. MrScottyMac 0-2
Crane333 vs. Admirable 1-2
JABLOL vs. Naur 2-0
Hotform vs. Chakki 0-2

Spellweaver Pioneers is only the beginning of the Spellweaver competitive scene. The dev team has the ambition to establish the game as a true e-sport and to provide both the competitive players and the audience the best possible environment and infrastructure for great spectacles. More interesting events are coming in the near future, so stay tuned and make sure you don’t miss your chance to take part!

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