Egyptian-themed Fantasy World Mobile KINGDOM SIEGE Screenshots and Trailer

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher, Netherfire Entertainment announced that Kingdom Siege, a new strategy game set in a beautifully drawn, Egyptian-themed fantasy world launching March 12.

Egyptian-themed Fantasy World Mobile KINGDOM SIEGE Screenshots and Trailer

In Kingdom Siege, players engage in fierce tactical combat in both campaign mode and against opponents from all over the globe. Goals include expanding borders, occupying cities, and extending your influence across the lands — while keeping things safe at home. Players can manage, upgrade, and defend their city-states in a number of different ways:

  • Building new structures
  • Training more soldiers
  • Researching mystical technologies
  • Upgrading heroes

Only superior tactics and keen resource management will prevent territorial losses and lead the troops to victory. Every decision counts!


Two thousand years ago, a young hero named Menes managed to unify the known continent and establish the kingdom of Arunia. Following in Menes’ footsteps, those who ruled after his time in power have conquered new territories, defeated horrifying demons, and brought peace and prosperity to the land.

However, the death of its last great king was too much for the Empire of Arunia — and the once mighty kingdom has now crumbled. The earth and its people have suffered a war without end, leaving nothing (and no one) standing.

All seems lost, but a prophecy foretold by the legendary priest Bai Ling may be the first ray of light among so much death and suffering. He says that a young hero will rise from the chaos and lead his army to defeat the Demon Lord. He will bring the continent together, and rebuild the territories as one great nation.

YOU are that hero. No one may know what the Demon Lord has in stock for Arunia, or where he will attack first, but what we know is that *you* can defeat it. The fate of the kingdom now rests in your hands!


  • Player vs Player: Don’t just raid opponents for resources. Conquer and occupy their cities to expand your border.
  • Campaign: Challenge mythical creatures in the Royal Tomb and defeat world bosses.
  • Kingdom Management: Manage your resources, develop and upgrade your troops, and research technologies.
  • Plethora of Events: War of the Crown, Alliance War, Tomb Rush, Minions of Anubis. . . . Kingdom Siege has it all!
  • Leaderboards: Compete with your friends and prove you’re the one true king!

Take a look at the new screenshots:


Here is the official trailer:


Kingdom Siege is free to download and play — and it will be available in the App Store on Thursday, March 12, 2015.

Source: Press Release