EGX Rezzed Line-Up Confirmed, See Full Schedule Here

The EGX Rezzed 2014 line-up has been confirmed. EGX Rezzed is a UK event dedicated to PC, indie and console gaming taking place March 28-30 at the NEC Birmingham.

EGX Rezzed Line-Up Confirmed, See Full Schedule Here


Below is the full EGX Rezzed schedule:

Friday March 28

  • 1pm – DayZ (Dean Hall from Bohemia Interactive)
  • 2pm – Volume (Mike Bithell)
  • 3pm – The future of Company of Heroes 2 (Relic Entertainment)
  • 4pm – Tango Fiesta (Spilt Milk Software)
  • 5pm – Come meet ANGELINA, the AI that makes video games (Michael Cook)

Saturday March 29

  • 1pm – Fear and horror in games (Dean Hall, Al Hope, Will Porter, Maciej Binkowski)
  • 2pm – Dying Light (Maciej Binkowski from Techland)
  • 3pm – Alien: Isolation (Al Hope, Gary Napper, Jon McKellan from Creative Assembly)
  • 4pm – Dreamfall Chapters (Ragnar Tornquist from Red Thread Games)
  • 5pm – Dean Hall live interview

Sunday March 30

  • 1pm – Storytelling in games (Holly Gramazio, Ed Stern, Mike Bithell, Dean Hall)
  • 2pm – Oh no! More zombies (developers of Project Zomboid and DayZ)
  • 3pm – Podcast live recording!
  • 4pm – The Creative Assembly Game Jam
  • 5pm – Frozen Endzone (Paul Taylor and Ian Hardingham from Mode 7 Games)

In addition, all EGX Rezzed sessions will be live-streamed via the Twitch channel.

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