EGX Rezzed Area Gets 5 Games Presented by tinyBuild

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher this morning, it was announced that developer tinyBuild is taking over EGX Rezzed with five games.

EGX Rezzed Area Gets 5 Games Presented by tinyBuild

Here is what the developer had to say:

This week we’re busy setting up for Rezzed at EGX London. If you’re around, come by to check out our games and talk to the devs!

Games showcased:

No Time To Explain is getting a full engine make over and is heading to consoles! Come play the latest demo.
SpeedRunners is our most popular game right now. If you haven’t played it yet – give it 3 minutes and you’ll understand why everyone is talking about it.
  • BOID – our newest RTS by award winning Mokus Games

If you ever felt like most competitive RTS games are overwhelming, you might like BOID. It cuts down to the essentials, making a very fast-paced simplified RTS that gives you that adrenaline-filled feeling of a Zerg Rush.

The reverse-platformer is making an appearance at EGX!
We’ve decided to invest more time and resources into Fearless Fantasy, seeing how at shows some people spend over an hour playing the game. The latest version will be showcased at EGX on touch-devices, and it’s definitely something you need to experience to understand.

You can also take a look at the EGX London 2014 developer sessions here.

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Source: Press Release