Eco Alpha 4 Now Available

Eco Alpha 4 Now Available

Developer Strange Loop Games has announced that Eco Alpha 4: Economy Release is now available.

Eco Alpha 4 New Features:

  • Vehicles
  • Power system
  • Spherical minimap
  • New art style
  • Logging system
  • New building system
  • New food system
  • New property system
  • Elections
  • Taxes
  • Server browser
  • Lots more

Eco Alpha 4 also includes a Server Browser, making it much easier to find games and others to play with:

Eco Alpha 4 Now Available

In addition, the developer will soon be releasing some more videos explaining elections, taxes, transport, building, and more.

Watch the Eco Alpha 4 How Food and Skills Connect Video:

You can now download Eco Alpha 4 on the official website at

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