EA’s New Humble Bundle Has Raised Over $3 Million So Far

Crysis 2 Maximum

If you haven’t taken advantage of EA’s new Humble Bundle filled with insane Origin games, then you should definitely go there now.

So far $3,597,348  has been raised with the numbers sky-rocketing in real time. EA is keeping none of the profits and instead, is contributing 100% of the proceeds to charity.

Head on over to the bundle page and check out the cool bundle, featuring:

  • Dead Space 3
  • Dead Space 1 (no Dead Space 2)
  • Mirror’s Edge
  • Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box
  • Crysis 2 Maximum, and
  • Medal of Honor

If you decide to pay above the average you will get Battlefield 3 and the Sims 3 with its three-expansion starter pack.

Let us know below if you contributed.