Earth’s Dawn Review for PS4

Earth’s Dawn Review for PS4

This is Gaming Cypher’s PS4 review (done by Hemal Patel) of Earth’s Dawn by publisher Rising Star Games and developer oneoreight.

I have always loved watching anime especially in Japanese. Earth’s Dawn is a game from Japanese developers OneOrEight. and after a year it is available in USA as well. This game is basically a 2D side scrolling video game. I guess for the fans of Attack of Titan or God Eater, it has something similar of a story line. Let’s start by dividing the review is terms of Gameplay, Graphics, Audio and Story.

Story: The story is something you might have already heard of, which is alien invasion, and humans building forces to fight back. In this case, it is an entity know as E.B.E. They have consumed everything and the humans, after long experimentation, have come up with the technology to fight back against E.B.E. The human forces are fighting to get back USA.

Earth’s Dawn Review for PS4

Gameplay: The way gameplay is designed is there are main story missions and then free missions. Once we have unlocked an area, we must finish the main story missions first, and then we can move to level up doing free missions. There is a time frame in which we can do the free missions for level up and hunting craft materials.

The battle system is interesting which is combination of Swords and Guns style, and a lot of people who love hack and slash will probably love it. As your character grows you can even achieve combo skills in quite a lot of different ways, the special attack using E.B.E tech can help you enhance a lot. Every mission you do, you get rewarded for the specific skills and every level gives you skill points you can activate. There is spinal cord structure which denotes your skill tree, we can link attack branches to combo branches which provides bonus damage. This way can help in growing in a lot of different ways.

Special attacks and the special attack arms can enhance the gameplay experience by providing additional skills which are quite powerful, but drains the energy meter as well.

Graphics: The graphics style of the game is Japanese and you feel like playing through an anime itself. The special attack activations and damage collision particles give it a good touch to the visual details of the game. The different level designs take you from dark style of to the open sky. In short, the game is visually fascinating and depth of details is impressive. Variety of enemy mobs is detailed and different as you won’t find any similarity in between them and bosses were indeed challenging.

Audio: When it comes to Japanese anime/games, it is always a package of awesome soundtracks. The audio transitions are good, as it does not seem abrupt and they are all perfectly timed in terms of syncing with each other.

Earth’s Dawn Review for PS4

The only things I disliked about the game was its repetitiveness of doing the same thing again and again. Also, the sense of direction of what to do next and how to do it, because of lack of much in depth tutorial reduced my interest. Only fights I enjoyed were the boss fights which offered a lot of variety in them. Also, it seemed the experience system was a bit imbalanced because I didn’t find getting a lot of experience even though I went through a higher difficulty level.


In the end, Earth’s Dawn is a cool hack and slash game which is both a fun ride, but makes you lose your interest in the game by the repetitive gameplay as well. I would suggest to those who like anime and love this kind of game should go for this one. It has a lot of potential in gameplay style because of huge skill tree details.

I would rate Earth’s Dawn 7/10.

Watch our Earth’s Dawn gameplay trailer:

Earth’s Dawn will be available on the PlayStation 4 system today, November 1 and Xbox One tomorrow, on November 2 for $29.99 in USA, Canada, and South America. A physical boxed PS4 system edition will also be available at participating retailers in USA, Canada, and South America. The PC version of Earth’s Dawn will follow soon after. For more information, follow Rising Star Games on Twitter and visit the official Rising Star Games website.