E3 2014 Titanfall Gameplay and Content Reveal Video

Developer Respawn Entertainment released a new Titanfall gameplay and content reveal video during E3 2014.

E3 2014 Titanfall Gameplay and Content Reveal Video

There will be a free update for Titanfall this summer, which includes:

  • 2 new game modes – Wingman and Last Titan Standing
  • Marked for Death Lobby – includes Pilot Loadouts, Titan Loadouts, Burn Cards (26). Each team has one player that is Marked for Death. Once the mark has been killed, the mode resets. In addition, if you are the mark, you’ll get a little bit of a head start to get away.
  • Titan customization options – you’ll earn cool decals for your Titan

Take a look at the new Titanfall E3 video below:

We will post the new update notes once they become available. What do you think of the new content reveal?

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Source: TitanfallGame