E3 2014 Star Fox Confirmed for Wii U

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed today that Star Fox will be heading to Wii U in 2015 during E3 2014.

In Star Fox, players will be able to steer their Arwing fighter in cockpit view using the GamePad. In addition, the ship has the ability to morph into a helicopter or Landmaster tank from Lylat Wars at will.

Take a look at the teaser trailer below:

Incidentally, Miyamoto also confirmed Project Giant Robot and Project Guard. In Project Giant Robot,
players will have the ability to create custom robots as well as battle them using motion and GamePad inputs so they can knock the other fighter down. When using the GamePad, players will be able to view it in cockpit mode. In Project Guard, you’ll be able to defend Earth from invading robots.

Source: Nintendo E3 2014 Digital Event