E3 2014 Entwined PS4 Trailer Released

Sony Computer Entertainment has released a new trailer for Entwined during E3 2014.

Entwined Gaming Cypher

Here is how the developer, Pixel Opus, describes the game:

Drawing inspiration from various ancient mythologies, Entwined follows the story of a Bird and a Fish, two souls who are in love but cannot be together. By controlling each character simultaneously through nine different lifetimes using an innovative new twist on twin stick controls, you will help them overcome obstacles of fate and ultimately set them free by transforming them into a soaring Dragon. Vibrant and evocative, the Entwined game immerses players in an abstract yet beautiful story with awe-inspiring sound and visuals.

Take a look at the new Entwined PS4 trailer:

The PS4 version of Entwined is available right now for $9.99.

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Source: GamesHQMedia