DUST 514: Fanfest Livestream on XMB Starting Today

PlayStation just announced that the Dust 514: Fanfest will be streamed live on XMB starting today.

So what is this fanfest about? “Each spring for almost a decade, legions of gamers flock to Reykjavik, Iceland, to join CCP for Fanfest. This year, we’re celebrating the DUST 514 open beta and the 10th anniversary of EVE Online with our grandest party yet. And you can watch all the action via live stream on your PS3.”

You can view the official tweet below:

DUST 514: Livestream Fanfest from XMB starting today: bit.ly/14Rj8Wc
— PlayStation (@PlayStation) April 25, 2013

You can view the event’s schedule here.

Will you be watching?