Duoyi & 505 Games Release New Games in Beijing

Duoyi & 505 Games Release New Games in Beijing
(PRNewsfoto/Duoyi Network)

BEIJING – PRNewswire/ –Duoyi Network’s “Free Adventure & Unbounded Happiness” 2017 new products conference was held in Beijing yesterday, where 4 major new gamesPortal Knights, Age of Knights, Dream World 3D and Ascension Agewere released. Guests included the CEO of Digital Bros Group, parent company of 505 Games, the developer of Portal Knights, and hundreds of representatives from the game and the internet industries, as well as the media. A grand show starring a young pop star and fan of Portal Knights and a female idol group climaxed the conference.

At the Conference, Duoyi Network’s CEO, Tang Yilu and her counter partner from Digital Bros Group Raffaele Galante gave speeches about how Portal Knights was introduced to China and they promised to offer great experiences for Chinese players.

Portal Knights for PC in China will get updates in synchrony with the international version and will have exclusive contents and improved social experience for Chinese players. A new next-gen sandbox MMO mobile game will be developed by Duoyi Network under Portal Knights‘ IP in the future.

The announcement of Portal Knights was concluded by a song presented by a Chinese pop star named Hu Xia, who is also a fan of the game. He also talked about how he loved adventuring in the game and that there were always new things to be found in it.

Duoyi Network also announced 3 self-developed games at the conference, namely Age of Knights, Dream World 3D and Ascension Age.

  • Age of Knights is a 3D turn-based SIM game featuring beautiful graphic, innovative gameplay and dazzling combat. Players can manage their own castles and estates and enjoy trade and business in the game.
  • Dream World 3D is the newest title under Dream World IP. It retains the franchise’s tactic combat system and creative mechanism. The game boasts a combat system with 216 abilities in total, with mutually-inhibitive attributes: Fierce, General and Deft that contribute to varied strategies.
  • Ascension Age is a 3D fantastic RPG adventure game with customizable abilities, 5v5 MOBA battle grounds and new PvP maps. The game features teamwork and MOBA-like combat experiences, boasting a new height of PvP experiences.

About Duoyi Network

Guangzhou Duoyi Network Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese internet company and ranked 26th on 2016 Top 100 Internet Enterprises in China. In 2015, the company’s annual net profit topped 1 billion RMB, ranking the fourth among Chinese game companies in term of iOS game revenue, and was on the list of App Annie TOP 52 Publishers of 2015.

About Portal Knights

Portal Knights is a 3D sandbox adventure integrating sandbox world and action RPG experience. The game enables players to run wild with their imagination, creating their own world, making gears and becoming stronger, and allows multi-player mode for venturing beyond the portal.

Portal Knights won “Best Online Game” at the 2016 German Game Developer Awards and “Best German Game 2017 Award” at the Deutscher Computerspielpreis.

About Age of Knights

Age of Knights is a brand new 3D turn-based SIM game featuring easy operation and strategy combat. Inherit an estate, rule a territory, train knights and write your won story! Over a hundred knights to recruit and a legion to join; challenge colossal Bosses in thrill battle scenes; enjoy the ultimate combat experience with precise action feedback and rich tactic combinations!

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