Dungeon Rushers Now Live on Steam

Dungeon Rushers Now Live on Steam

Goblinz Studio is proud to announce that after three years of development, 2D tactical RPG Dungeon Rushers is finally out on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

Dungeon Rushers is a tactical RPG with a humorous solo campaign and the huge possibility of creating your own dungeons to share them on Steam Workshop.

Dungeon Rushers Key Features:

  • Campaign mode full of humor with various sound and graphic environments
  • Interactive exploration system
  • Revised turn based fights with a hint of nostalgia
  • Advanced team management (equipment, skills upgrade, in-fight position, …)
  • Wide range of skills to use (scout, heals, dodge, trap deactivation, monsters stalking)
  • Crafting system featuring many recipes to unlock
  • High replay value with a Heroic difficulty for each dungeon
  • Online arena system with matchmaking and ranking
  • Battles among friends, to die against people you love
  • Epic custom-made soundtrack

Watch the Dungeon Rushers Launch Trailer:

Dungeon Rushers is now available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam.

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