Dungeon Rushers Now Available for Mobile Devices

Dungeon Rushers Now Available for Mobile Devices

Lyon, France – One of the year’s most anticipated mobile releases is finally here: Dungeon Rushers is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store for $4.99! This is a fully-featured port of the highly-polished PC version — no paywalls, no nonsense, just a unique and memorable RPG experience.

Dungeon Rushers is a comedic RPG with 10 playable characters and over 20 hours of content for players to explore — plus a user-friendly level editor that lets players extend the game by creating and sharing dungeons of their own. The turn-based tactical battles are sure to please fans of classic SPRGs and the light-hearted tone makes the game appealing to players who don’t always go for fantasy-themed games.

Publisher Mi-Clos Studio (known for mobile smash hit Out There) are rewarding early adopters with free DLC: anyone who buys the mobile version of Dungeon Rushers in the next 48 hours will get immediate access to the Veterans Skins Pack for free, adding a new alternate outfit for each of the game’s 10 playable characters.

Here is the Dungeon Rushers Launch Trailer:

Dungeon Rushers is now available for iOS, Android and PC on Steam.

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