Dungeon of the Endless iPAD Review

Dungeon of the Endless iPAD Review

This is our iPAD review for Dungeon of the Endless by award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios.

Game Features:

  • Smooth iPad touch controls to fight your way out with the tip of your fingers.
  • The iPad version includes the “Deep-Freeze” and “Bookworm” PC add-ons.
  • A distinct rogue-like do-or-die play-style that encourages the player to look after all of his or her teammates.
  • Countless battle scenarios against a brutal horde of hideous monsters.
  • Randomly created dungeons for a new experience each time.
  • Team creation, management, customization, and combat abilities.
  • Technology and resource management abilities including the skillful handling of Dust, Food, Industry, and Science to keep one’s team alive and prepared for battle.
  • Module creation to stave off enemy monsters.
  • Many exploration paths on the planet of Auriga featuring Endless ruins that provide life-saving technologies.
  • Multiple difficulty levels for average and hardcore game players.

Dungeon of the Endless iPAD Review

Within each level of the game, your goal is to find an exit in order to be able to transport a crystal to power the lift onto the next level. But beware, behind each exit and door, is either an asset, or monsters trying to kill you off. The game also includes exploration as well as technology and resource management.

While playing, we found the iPAD touch-screen controls to be seamless and the characters easy to maneuver. The graphics were in true pixel-art format, while the sound in each level was pleasing and fit the action taking place.

Dungeon of the Endless is fun and challenging and the gameplay always seems to be fresh due to randomly created dungeons.

Here is the iPAD release trailer:

We give Dungeons of the Endless 4.5 / 5 and recommend a BUY.