DUNGENIOUS Launches Today for Mobile Devices

DUNGENIOUS Launches Today for Mobile Devices

Austrian developer Noizoo Games has announced that Dungenious is launching today for mobile devices.

Dungenious borrows the best mechanics from the RPG genre and adds just enough real-world facts and stats to make every monster encounter into a learning experience.

Dungenious is packed full with 50 different topics built right in — including geography, mathematics, music, art, languages, and much more. If none of the built-in topics interest you, you can also visit Quizlet to create your own flashcards. Just load them into the game, and you’ll have your very own custom quiz!

DUNGENIOUS Launches Today for Mobile Devices

Zsolt Marx (CEO, Noizoo Games):

“Dungenious offers players a new, incredibly engaging way to learn. We have wanted to make a hybrid dungeon crawler/semi-educational game for a long time. After many iterations, the result is Dungenious — a challenging game that doubles as a learning tool for players of all ages.”

To make progress, you must answer the quizzes correctly. The right answer will allow your character to land an attack; getting it wrong will leave you open for a counter. Collect “Genius Points” as you defeat monsters to deploy spells — such as the Ring of Fire, a burning ring that sets enemies alight and clears the path ahead. Opening chests gets you a different kind of quiz: You now have three answers on the left and three questions on the right; can you match them? If you do, you’ll unlock new powers and upgrade your abilities to take on the game’s heavy-hitting bosses — such as the massive Slimy Slug or the fearsome Stack Rats.

Attack a Red Book Maki and gain new knowledge that you will use as your weapon against the dungeon’s monsters. Sleepy Wooden Deer awake when you cross their path, and Piranha Rats move fast and gnaw away at the letters in a quiz. Jelly Ghosts are unaffected by obstacles and can walk through walls — and the Greedy Monkey will rotate your quiz answers so he can steal your skills if you take a hit…

Dungenious Key Features:

  • Experience a mix of flashcards and an engaging turn-based dungeon crawler
  • Upgrade your hero with powerful skills
  • Discover each enemy’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn with 50 built-in topics
  • Create your own custom content with Quizlet
  • Replay any questions to optimize learning

Watch the Dungenious release trailer:

Dungenious can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for only $2.99.

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