DuckTales Remastered to Have Expanded Plot, Music Trailer

WayForward Technologies, the developer of DuckTales Remastered has announced that it heavily expanded on the original NES game’s plot.

Capcom Producer Rey Jimenez said, “In the original NES version, you go in the UFO to find the remote control to open the area to get to the boss. You don’t really know why. The game doesn’t explain it well.

“In the NES version, you fight a big rat and it didn’t explain why you’re fighting a rat on the moon. That’s explained in here because there are rats they’re experimenting on and you let them loose and that becomes the rat down there. Also, how does Scrooge McDuck breathes on the moon? We explain that as well” he added.

You can view ‘The Moon: Duck Tales Music’ trailer below:

You can check out more details about DuckTales Remastered here.

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