Dual Universe gamescom 2016 Impressions

Dual Universe gamescom 2016 Impressions


I had the pleasure of meeting with Paris-based game studio Novaquark at gamescom 2016 to preview their demo of the upcoming sandbox first-person MMORPG, Dual Universe.

My first impressions were that Dual Universe is an extremely bold undertaking and is what No Man’s Sky tried to be. I strongly believe that within a year’s time, the game is going to blow up and be one of the most popular MMO’s, similar to EVE Online.

Dual Universe Gameplay Features

  • Boundless Massively Multiplayer Game: potentially millions of players can share the same universe at the same time. One world, no boundaries, no zones, no instances
  • Rich emergent gameplay mechanisms enable players to create their own societies
  • Fully editable world: dig, deploy, craft, create and shape almost everything
  • Giant player-made ships and constructions can be inhabited and host large crews
  • Immersive first person view in a futuristic sci-fi universe
  • Realistic in-game economy (based on market orders and financial tools)
  • Scriptable constructions (ships, buildings, etc) using LUA: players can build their own piloting, AI or factory automation.

Technological Features

  •  Continuous Single-Shard Cluster: the technology behind the “Boundless” MMO approach
  • Procedurally generated planets, revealed as players explore further and further
  • 25cm precision voxel technology to modify the environment or construct buildings/ships
  • Unlimited LOD (Level Of Detail) technology allows planet-sized construction to be built
  • 64bit Planetary Engine: Smooth transitions from planet surfaces, through atmosphere and into space with no limits to how far the player can travel or see.

Here is the new Dual Universe – Massively Multiplayer Server Technology Dev Diary:

Dual Universe is currently in development for PC. The alpha is scheduled for early 2017.

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