Dronetopolis AR Review for iPhone

Dronetopolis AR Review for iPhone

Dronetopolis AR for the iPhone is the latest drone simulator developed by Circle Square Entertainment that tries to present realistic, almost lifelike visual experiences for educational and entertainment purposes. Not only has Circle Square had a previous history of building similar augmented reality apps for mobile devices that obscure the lines between imagination and reality, the very person in charge of this project, Taylor Moore, is both a drone enthusiast and professional photographer, so you know this curious app had an experienced, expert team behind it. Dronetopolis AR succeeds in carrying a unique, quirky blend of convenience and leisure that makes it at least worth trying out.

Dronetopolis AR replicates the flight dynamics and amusing experience of using an actual drone, allowing for great pitch control. Utilizing iOS 11’s new feature that is the ARKit, Dronetopolis AR promises to enable you to improve your drone piloting ability as you survey and admire your surroundings in amazingly accurate augmented reality. Not only is the app markedly affordable than an actual drone, it eliminates the certain logistical headaches that come with one, such as purchasing of batteries, consideration of poor weather, and expensive repairs. There is also a small record-and-stream feature built into the app that allows you to show your family and friends some of your in-flight shenanigans.

Dronetopolis AR Review for iPhone

While most of what the app claims to offer sounds very attractive in theory, in practice there are some limitations that one should be aware of beforehand. The mapping of the outside world, while it can generate some stunningly realistic augmented reality experiences, relies on the conditions of the device’s physical surroundings that are tough to measure in real time and are not always stable. To start with, the quality of lighting in the environment that you’re in will affect the scanning process of your surroundings, for better or for worse. Scene mapping requires a stringently clear image to analyze in order to accurately reproduce reality. The overall quality lessens when the camera of the mobile device cannot distinguish certain details, such as when it is either too dark or too light outside.

World mapping also requires your mobile device to be secure in a fixed position. While performing image analysis, your phone shouldn’t be moving around too fast or vigorously if you want to produce an accurate augmented reality experience. Excessive motion of your device will generate either a foggy picture or huge gaps for tracking features between video frames, lessening tracking quality. A steady mobile device or even a device that moves ever so slightly will develop a more complete understanding of your surroundings and thus will increase the realism of your drone-flying experience.

Overall, however, for only $1.99 on the iOS app store, Dronetopolis AR is a fun, little piece of software that allows you to goof around and steer a virtual drone anytime, anywhere with your phone. The interface and controls are so simple and straightforward, that any amateur can experience what it feels like to fly a drone in the environment that he or she is in and explore without worrying about paying for a drone or taking care of one. If you are looking for something to spice up your routine walks outside or exotic vacations, then this is the app for you.


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Dronetopolis AR is now available for iOS on the App Store for only $1.99.