Dragon+ Web Version Now Available

Dragon+ Web Version Now Available

Wizards of the Coast announced that all Dungeons & Dragons fans are now able to enjoy Dragon+ content on the web, in addition to the app for iOS and Android. Access all issues of Dragon+ at dragonmag.com.

The web launch comes just as issue #5 is rolling out with a brand new cover that features a cartoony interpretation of the D&D Ampersand from former graffiti artist Todd James, whose inspiration stemmed from the D&D logo and is a nod to the Red Box. James will be making a public appearance at the Twenty-Sided Store in Brooklyn on December 20th to sign posters of the Dragon+ cover and premiere his new D&D tee-shirt designs to be sold by alternative fashion house Mishka. Look for more information on how to purchase the tee-shirts and the special event with Todd James by visiting here.

Exciting content featured in the new issue of Dragon+ includes:

Celebrity Guest – Rainn Wilson!

Rainn Wilson’s new book, The Bassoon King, talks about his love of Dungeons & Dragons and he reminisces about adventuring with friends in a sample chapter of the book that is included in the new issue of Dragon +. Rainn also appeared as a guest on the newest episode of the D&D Podcast. Download it on iTunes and listen today!

Digital Games Behind-the-Scenes

What are the 10 killer things you need to know about the Neverwinter MMO’s deadliest location – the Underdark? Find out in the newest issue as well as read behind-the scenes details from the creative teams behind Sword Coast Legends and Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.

Tabletop & Novels

Famed game designers and authors also dish new details in the latest issue, including Jeremy Crawford’s advice on how to convert things from previous editions of D&D to fifth edition; Erin M. Evans psychological breakdown of demon lord Graz’zt from her latest novel, Ashes of the Tyrant; and Peter Lee says it’s good to be bad in the latest D&D board game, Tyrants of the Underdark.

To access issue #5, simply visit dragonmag.com or download the free app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play.