Dragon Fantasy Heading to Nintendo 3DS

Muteki Corporation has announced that it will port its old-school RPG, Dragon Fantasy, to the Nintendo 3DS.

Dragon Fantasy is Heading to Nintendo 3DS


In an interview with Nintendo Everything, the developer explained in full detail the decision to port Dragon Fantasy to 3DS.

The 3DS version will update itself to better utilize the dual screens, including a proper built-in map on the bottom screen, larger battle fronts and even a 3D Mode-7 map. But for those wondering, yes, they have heard your cries—there’s now an option to have monsters show up on the map for you to choose to run into and attack, or switch back to random battles for more old school players.


Dragon Fantasy Heading to Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Fantasy: Book 1 is scheduled to release sometime in Spring 2014 on the Nintendo eShop.

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