Dragon Ball Z – Now on Demand for Xbox Kinect, Trailer

Xbox announced that you can now get Dragon Ball Z on demand through Xbox Kinect.

Dragon Ball Z will let you “Get ready to enter the Dragon Ball Z universe in an entirely new way. Featuring iconic characters, famous attacks and epic battles, Dragon Ball Z® for Kinect™ lets you unleash your inner Super Saiyan – with no controller in the way! Get closer to authentic Dragon Ball Z battles, famous combos & super attacks with Kinect. Fans will also be treated to 30 minutes of never before seen footage from Bardock saga and an entirely new character. Dragon Ball Z for Kinect supports QR code functionality, allowing you to hold up special QR codes to unlock content in the game.”

You can view the official trailer below:

The game is available for download now for $24.99 through Xbox.

Will you be playing the game this weekend?