Don’t Be Squared Launches for Apple iDevices

Don't Be Squared Launches for Apple iDevices

Dublin, Ireland and Bucharest, Romania  June 30, 2016 – SuperHippo Studios, the creators of Pirate Legends, has announced the release of Don’t Be Squared, an exhilarating new platform-style runner for Apple iDevices. The free-to-play title features an appealing animated-cartoon visual style that complements the frenetic, but accessible, gameplay action. A charming cast of heroes including Pengu, Ninja McDuck, and Spikes lead the charge through a diverse variety of adventure-filled levels.

About Don’t Be Squared

Discover why an innocent little boy becomes the Mad Scientist and begins to turn all living creatures into squares. Don’t Be Squared is an exhilarating action runner where you draw clouds to jump over obstacles and tap and swipe to bounce, fling, yank, smash, dash, and spin to attack enemies. Run as fast and far as you can through the adrenaline-fueled, adventure-packed levels to escape the Mad Scientist’s magic ray and avoid becoming squared!

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Don’t Be Squared Update Details

  • Fast-spaced, high-speed, pulse-pounding platforming action
  • Simple one-finger tap and swipe controls
  • Eye-popping graphics and rip-roaring cartoon animations
  • Run through jungle, beach, volcano, temple settings, plus other secret locations
  • 4 playable characters with unique abilities. Unlock and upgrade characters, power-ups, weapons, and sidekicks.
  • 6 sidekick fireflies to assist you in times of need
  • Unique enemy sets for each environment
  • 3-star level progression system
  • Awesome, unique soundtrack and audio effects
  • In-game help and achievements for hours of gameplay
  • Compete against friends to see who gets the highest score

Here is the Don’t Be Squared extended version trailer:

Don’t Be Squared is now available for download on the iTunes App Store and also on Google Play.