Divide By Sheep Gets 1st Free Update with World of Ruin

Divide By Sheep Gets 1st Free Update with World of Ruin

Developer Bread Team and tinyBuild have announced that Divide By Sheep, the puzzle game about slicing sheep in half and feeding them to wolves, has received a new and free update.

The brand new world adds new game mechanics, and concludes the story of Divide By Sheep.

Amongst the new mechanics…


This is between setting up a large bright orange booth at PAX and launching Party Hard.

“Our board of investors highly disagrees with the decision of not charging for the update as DLC, and severely disapproves of putting the game on sale ($0.99) during the update. We don’t have a board of investors and this is satire on EVERYTHING that’s wrong with the current mobile games industry.” 

Here is the new Death Totem Gameplay video:

Divide By Sheep is available on Steam and the iOS App Store. The update is coming soon to Android, Amazon, and Steam versions of Divide By Sheep.

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