DisplayFusion Software – ‘Multiple Monitors Made Easy’

DisplayFusion is said to be able to make your multi-monitor life much easier. It has powerful features like Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable Functions.

DisplayFusion Lets You:

  • Customize your desktop with Multi-Monitor Wallpapers from WallpaperFusion, Flickr, Vladstudio and more
  • Tile, stretch, scale, crop, position and tint your images exactly how you want.
  • Keep your windows easily organized by adding a taskbar to each of your monitors
  • DisplayFusion comes bundled with over 30 pre-configured Functions, or you can create your own powerful custom Functions
  • Create Functions to load Wallpaper or Monitor Profiles, move windows around, change window opacity, toggle DisplayFusion features and much more
  • Use DisplayFusion to set your Monitor Configuration. Configure the resolution, colour depth, refresh rate and orientation
  • Save your configurations as Monitor Profiles that you can load later using a key combination or TitleBar Button
  • Link a Wallpaper Profile with your Monitor Profile to load your desktop wallpaper automatically based on the monitors you have connected
  • Use DisplayFusion’s powerful Windows Logon background image changer to customize your logon screen. 
  • Why settle for one screen saver on your main monitor? With DisplayFusion you can span your screen saver across all monitors, or even display a different screen saver on each monitor.

Key Features

  • Multi-Monitor Taskbars
  • Multi-Monitor wallpaper management
  • Customizable functions (with hotkey mapping)
  • Monitor configuration and profiles
  • Window snapping
  • Window management
  • Window location rules (automatically move application windows)
  • Change your Windows logon background
  • Multi-Monitor Screen Savers
  • Save and restore your desktop icon layout
  • Supports as many monitors as you can hookup to your computer
  • Available in over 30 languages

Display Fusion is now available on Steam at 25% off at $22.49.

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