DISPLACED the New Narrative Based Survival Game Now Available on Steam

DISPLACED the New Narrative Based Survival Game Now Available on Steam

Russian publisher Alawar and developer Gamexy Studio announced that their single-player survival game, Displaced is now available for PC on Steam.

About the Game:
A deadly war has turned a once thriving country into a wasteland. A group of civilians is making their way through the rubble. They aren’t soldiers, and they aren’t warriors. They’re just human beings caught in the middle of a war zone.

As you lead a group of survivors through the ruins of the country, you’ll encounter other squads, gangs, and hordes. Some will assist you, some will need a helping hand, and some will want you dead!

How will you establish yourself in this new world? Will you cling to what makes you human? Will you survive at all costs?

Or will you survive at all?

DISPLACED the New Narrative Based Survival Game Now Available on Steam


  • Narrative survival – The surviving team is presented as tokens on the map of the country. The characters interact through dialogues, with the player having a possibility to choose a reply option and trigger a specific storyline. The clashes between teams are presented in the style of an automatic turn-based card battler.
  • Strategy matters – A player can choose from 10 different survivors and gather a team of 5 members. Each character has their own specific abilities: some are good at providing first aid, others are excellent negotiators and still, others have a way with technology. A player should carefully select the team so that the skills of the characters apply to the surviving strategy.
  • Replayability value – The team of survivors will make their way to one of the three destination points: a harbor, an airport or a land border. Each time a player can gather a new team and pick a different destination. Each time the quests will be chosen randomly which adds a lot of value to the replayability of the game.

Take a Look a the Displaced Teaser Trailer:

Displaced is now available along with a demo on Steam right now.

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