Disney’s LucasFilm Registers New Domain Names ‘Star Wars Attack Squadrons’


Disney’s LucasFilm has registered new domain names ‘Star Wars Attack Squadrons.’

The new domain names include:

attacksquadron.org (WHOIS)
attacksquadron.us (WHOIS)
attacksquadrons.org (WHOIS)
attacksquadrons.net (WHOIS)
attacksquadrons.us (WHOIS)
attacksquads.org (WHOIS)
attacksquads.net (WHOIS)
attacksquads.us (WHOIS)
starwarsattacksquadrons.org (WHOIS)
starwarsattacksquadrons.net (WHOIS)
starwarsattacksquadrons.us (WHOIS)
starwarssquad.org (WHOIS)
starwarssquad.net (WHOIS)
starwarssquad.us (WHOIS)
starwarssquadrons.org (WHOIS)
starwarssquadrons.net (WHOIS)
starwarssquadrons.us (WHOIS)
starwarssquads.org (WHOIS)
starwarssquads.us (WHOIS)
swattacksquadron.org (WHOIS)
swattacksquadron.us (WHOIS)
swattacksquadrons.org (WHOIS)
swattacksquadrons.net (WHOIS)
swattacksquadrons.us (WHOIS)

The domain names were registered yesterday, July 26 and were moved over from CSC’s domain servers to Disney’s. We will update you once anything official gets announced by Disney.