Disciples of the Storm Now on Indiegogo

Disciples of the Storm Now on Indiegogo

Storm Isle Productions has announced that Disciples of the Storm is now on Indiegogo.

The exciting reboot of Nestorm Style inspired Game play continues! Over the past few days the team has been busy moving forward experimenting with implementing new world lighting effects for Disciples of the Storm such as crepuscular sun ray beams to test how they look and if they can make the world a more closer match as seen in the promo pic for the game.

The developer has also been experimenting with the effect for the altar that appears on completion of a ritual being performed by your priest prior to the flame erupting and consuming the enemy priest.

Disciples of the Storm Now on Indiegogo

In addition, beyond the world lighting, Storm Isle Productions is working on other visual improvements and the floating debris fields of rocks below the larger islands. They have done some low poly rock meshes that they are testing out, which has static rotating debris fields far below the player islands.

Here is a short compilation video showing the altar animated glow effect and the sun light beams along with the moving debris rocks:

With 37 day left, 7% funded and $708 raised out of $10,000 funding goal, you can help support Disciples of the Storm on Indiegogo now.

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