Disciples Of The Storm New Shrine Reveal

Disciples Of The Storm New Shrine Reveal

Storm Isle Productions reveals the new Neutral Shrine design on Kickstarter!

In the past few days the Disciples Of The Storm Kickstarter by Storm Isle Productions has raised $2,019 in backing since launch and earned the Kickstarter staff pick selection.

On Wednesday they unveiled their new neutral shrine building!

The Shrine building is a critical building that acts not only as a method of securing an unclaimed island under your control, but also as a drop point for resource collectors. The structure also provides production bolts that shoot out and travel to structures that are waiting to be constructed when placed near a shrine saving time since productions bolts don’t have to travel from one’s home islands Temple.

In doing the design for the new building they wanted a design that was not directly linked to any Tempest in particular but is a neutral building and influenced by the people of the game word in design, as such wanted a building that, while imposing could be realistic and organically constructed like other structures of the Tempest and still have a feel of a building linked to religion of the people as a shrine that is an extension of one’s temple. Another element was to make it visually clear where one’s territory is and to clearly mark this even at a distance using a beacon of light that rises from the roof of the shrine once constructed.

Disciples Of The Storm New Shrine Reveal

Currently the new model is in the asset pipeline for implementing in a build of DOTS and hope to showcase the model soon in coming video’s. Their next update will be covering the Rain factions new Ice Golem resource collecting unit.

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