DICE: PS4 & Xbox 720 Hardware Specs Still Unknown

According to Battlefield 4 developer DICE, the exact hardware specification for Xbox 720 and PS4 are still unknown at this point. DICE executive Patrick Bach had the following to say:

“I don’t know if anyone has the next-gen hardware to be honest – really. There are versions of it, but does anyone have the final hardware? Do we really know what the final hardware will be?

“There are specs and alpha hardware, but nobody knows exactly what it will be. The only thing I can say about what we’re building is that we’ve set the bar with what we can do and we can scale it down to 360 and PS3.”
Talking about the Battlefied 4 trailer, Bach had the following to say:

”What you saw is pre-alpha – it’s not the final game or anything. We are lacking a lot of optimisation. Without going into detail about what it could look like on a lower spec machine or a higher spec machine, we will have the scalability to bring the most out of any piece of hardware.”

“We’ve seen visual targets that are pre-rendered or running on machines that are designed for showing off technology – this is the game. [Single-player producer] Tobias was playing the game in the Frostbite engine with the content that we’re using to build the game.”

What do you think about these quotes from Bach?