Dice Duel New Update Details

Dice Duel New Update Details

German publisher b-interaktive has announced that online dice game, Dice Duel has received a big update.

Here are the update notes:

  • Do you have someone you like to play with? Invite him or her to be your Dice Duel friend;
  • You can now play with up to 3 people who don’t have to be your Facebook friends;
  • From newbie to pro – we’ve added special animations and effects that reflect your experience;
  • Completely new intuitive and non-intrusive tutorial for beginners;
  • Redesigned help – now you’ll understand all the rules in a heartbeat;
  • Possibility to block users that you don’t want to play with;
  • Inviting new players will now provide you a little token of our gratitude;
  • iOS 9 improvements: use Multitasking on your iPad to play and do whatever else you like to do at the same time;
  • Enlarge photo of your opponent and check, who you are against;
  • Tired of ads? Watch the video and get rid of them for a while;
  • Lots of graphical and performance tweaks; gameplay’s now smoother than ever!

You can download Dice Duel for free right here.

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