Diablo 3 – Future Plans & Update 1.0.8 to Contain Co-op Changes

Blizzard is looking into making Rare and Legendary items more special with the upcoming Diablo 3 update 1.0.8 and not just looking to improve “co-op farming efficiency.’

Game developer, Travis Day, posted that the team wants to make rare drops “feel” rare and actually be powerful – they want players to “farm the monster, not the auction house.”

He says: “By design, Legendary items are going to drop far less often than Rare items, and we want that rarity to be reflected in their power. “When a Legendary drops, the question that goes through a player’s mind should never be “is this a good item?” It should be “how awesome is it?” It’s a problem if players don’t want to bother identifying their Legendaries, let alone pick them up. We want to change this.

He added: “In the future, we plan to allow Legendary items to also roll their base stats at the level of the monster that dropped them. This gives us the opportunity to broaden the range of Legendary items, providing players with more diversity. Everything we’re suggesting for Legendaries also applies to Sets, too, by the way.”

And the same process applies to Rare items. Day said that the team wants to make it “fun and rewarding to hunt down new items through play,” and in order to do this some of the “clutter” will be reduced by lowering the frequency which Rare items drop.

He continued: “This doesn’t mean we want players to earn even fewer good items, t just means we don’t feel it’s necessary to present the player with hundreds of bad Rares for every one that they might want. In the end, you’d find fewer items, but more of the items you find would be worth equipping. That’s our goal.”

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