DEVIL AGE Mobile MMORPG Launching on Google Play Dec. 19

DEVIL AGE Mobile MMORPG Launching on Google Play Dec. 19

Proficient City is officially launching their new thrilling MMORPG, Devil Age on December 19th! Fight for freedom in this epic adventure where you will have to help the demon realm.

Devil Age is an action RPG where you play as a devil lord. In this new adventure, nothing is as it seems to be. You will have to summon your allies to free your people from the Gods’ chains!

The Gods have reigned over the universe for thousands of years. Those who oppose them are severely punished and cast into oblivion. But the Gods are mighty, and a long time ago they silenced any opposition. All Demons were condemned to the Abyss for all eternity, without means of escape. It is known that those in the Abyss were evil creatures that hated life. For thousands of years, demons have been looking for a way to escape… waiting for a hero to free them.

The time has come. All demons are united and looking for the savior of their own legends foretold. A demonic hero shall rise, and free the rebels from the Abyss. He will lead the next War of the Gods.

Be the hero they need!

DEVIL AGE Mobile MMORPG Launching on Google Play Dec. 19

In your journey through this beautiful designed world you will find many demons and creatures willing to help you… or fight you. Learn who you can trust and equip yourself with the best summons.

However, Devil Age is not only interesting for its polished graphics and unique story. Its main features and constant upgrades will make you be absolutely immersed:

Devil Age Key Features

  • Over 80 Devils – More than 80 devils with more constantly added to build your evil army!
  • Battle Formation System – Choose your team formation based on your enemies’ weaknesses
  • Fire, Water and Wind. Tap to release your elemental power!  Unleash elemental magic to interrupt opponents’ skills
  • Multiple Dungeons to Challenge the Gods! – Face challenges to grow your devils stronger and obtain special rewards
  • More Flexibility to Enhance Your Devils!
  • A treasure hunting system that will let you increase your resources
  • Devil Age will take you to a journey of self-discovery and non-stop action!

Here is the Official Devil Age Trailer:

Devil Age is free-to-play and will be launched for Android December 19, 2017. It will be available soon in iOS.