Deus Ex: Human Revolution – the ‘Best Version’

The Wii U “Director’s Cut” of Deus Ex: Human Revolution features improved graphics, AI, boss battles and making the game’s main story line 7-8 hours longer.

At the PAX East, Emile Pedneault, Game Designer for Deux Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut said: “Fan feedback was our main concern. We wanted to listen to our fans and react to that.” Once the developers figured out what some of the most common, significant negative reactions were to that game they set about coming up with fixes.

Pedneault said: “There was a lot of frustration with boss fights. We had a lot of criticism that the boss battles didn’t match the multipath flow of the rest of the game. Now we have a way for each boss to be defeated without a single bullet. You still have to work at it, but it gives the players options.”

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