More Details and Screenshots Leaked on Battlefield: Hardline

UPDATE: EA has confirmed Battlefield: Hardline.

Yesterday, several details and screenshots were leaked from EA websites for police-themed Battlefield: Hardline.

A video was found and then immediately taken down for the game, but not before VG24/7 was able to pull all the great details out of it.

Players will be able to choose sides, meaning that they can either be a cop or not. Then, next up is Multiplayer.

The protagonist is named Nick Mendoza (seen below), who is a young Miami detective trying to decide between right and wrong. His mission is to travel clear across the US while tracking his former partner to seek revenge that might have something to do with a $9.1 million worth of cocaine that was found in a trailer.

More Details Leaked on Battlefield Hardline 12


Multiplayer seems to have several different modes, Heist, Bloodmoney, SWAT, Hotwire, and Rescue. The video began with a scene of some zip-lining action across rooftops. There is also a zip-line gun that gives players the ability to scale sheer walls.

SWAT Mode showed hostage rescue. For the evil side, there are bank heists available.

Heist Mode showed a player robbing a bank vault while the cops tried to block his escape.

Rescue Mode featured SWAT players trying to rescue hostages during a robbery.

Hotwire Mode featured a car chase and passengers shooting one another.

Bloodmoney Mode featured cops and criminals trying to get their hands on a huge pile of cash before it gets taken back to the safehouse. And last, but not least, planes and parachutes were featured during the multiplayer section of the video.


The storyline was written by members of The Americans, Justified and House of Cards. As far as was seen from the pulled video, Battlefield: Hardline’s plot includes the full gamut of crooked cops, gangsters and off-the-wall billionaires. The missions can be played many times in different ways while ending in different results.

In addition, the trailer showcased Levolution effects from Battlefield 4.


  • Tazers
  • Sawn-off shotguns
  • Police-scanner device revealing clues and information
  • Protagonist Nick can also bring in secondary criminals to earn money to unlock new guns.

Take a look at the leaked images below:


What did you think? We’ll let you know more official information as soon as EA reveals it, most likely on or slightly before the upcoming E3 2014 in Los Angeles this June.

Source: VG24/7