Details Emerge of Cancelled Star Wars Game

A few days ago, a Darth Maul video appeared online of the cancelled LucasArts Star Wars game.

Details Emerge of Cancelled Star Wars Game

Now, new details have emerged of the Nintendo-exclusive cancelled Star Wars game.

According to Game Informer magazinethe cancelled Darth Maul title began as discussions between LucasArts and Nintendo to release a new spin-off IP for Wii, 3DS or the — at the time — new Wii U.

Here is what Nintendo Life had to say about the cancelled Star Wars game,

In any case, it eventually turned into a multiplatform game “due largely to Nintendo not meeting financial demands to make it a first-party project.” As the project progressed LucasArts went cold and, like so many development ideas, this concept for “Damage” — as it was code-named — bit the dust, unfortunately resulting in redundancies for Red Fly Studio.

As it stands, EA is in charge of developing Star Wars games, which certainly puts doubt over future entries — outside of pinball and spin-offs from other developers — arriving on Nintendo hardware. Disney still ultimately controls the IP, however, so Nintendo must hope that revived sales of the Wii U, in particular, could force Disney’s and EA’s hand to include Nintendo’s home console. Time will tell.

What about you? Would you like to see a Star Wars Darth Maul title brought back to life? Let us know below.

Source: Nintendo Life