Destiny’s The Queen’s Wrath Now Live, Details

Bungie’s has announced The Queen’s Wrath event for Destiny.

Take a look at the official tweet and infographic below:

Here is the list of the bounties available:

  • HER WILLFUL GAZE | +100 QF +5000xp | Defeat 20 Guardians with Scout Rifle headshots
  • BY THY HAND | +50 QF +2500xp | Defeat 20 Guardians with Hand Cannon headshots
  • RELIC HARVEST – FALLEN | +50 QF +2500xp | Collect 200 Ether drops from fallen
  • EXTERMINATION PROTOCOL | +100 QF +5000xp | Defeat 200 Fallen with Headshots
  • ARCHON SLAYER | +100 QF +5000xp | Defeat Riksis in the mission Restoration on Earth
  • LAST DAYS OF WINTER | +100 QF +5000xp | Defeat Draksis in the Scourge of Winter on Venu

And here is the vendor items list:


Destiny's The Queen's Wrath Now Live, Details

Class items



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Source: Twitter