Destiny Review Scores

Bungie’s has received several review scores for Destiny.

Destiny Review Scores

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  • CVG: 8/10 – Big, beautiful and generous, Destiny will keep FPS fans happy for months to come. Yet its feeble story and safety-first approach means it can’t help but feel slightly underwhelming.
  • OXM: 8/10 – Not quite the epic journey into the unknown we were hoping for, mostly thanks to poor writing and a reliance on XP farming, but a treasure trove of single and multiplayer adventures nonetheless.
  • GameSpot: 6/10 – A lavishly produced but troubled game that excels in the basics but lacks creativity and heart. It is role-playing grind in shooter form–an empty house built on a firm foundation.
  • Polygon: 6/10 – For all the wonder of its presentation, the swelling potential suggested by its (excellent) score and the basic foundational strength of its controls, Destiny often feels like a collection of its influences’ biggest problems.
  • Giant Bomb: 3/5 – Destiny is a beautiful but hollow experience with most of the pieces you’d expect from a great multiplayer shooter. It just can’t find a way to fit them all together.
  • GameTrailers: 8/10 – Next to Halo 3, Destiny’s story is thin, vehicles are average, and arsenal is uninspired. Up against World of Warcraft, Destiny’s quest system is repetitive, open world is sectioned off, and list of dungeons can’t possibly compete. But World of Warcraft never looked this good, and Halo 3 didn’t reach this level of synergy between PVP and PVE.
  • Guardian: 4/5 – People say World of Warcraft only gets good after 50 hours, but this isn’t World of Warcraft, this is supposed to be the future – and many gamers won’t make it that far through this dryly earnest narrative universe; a universe that amazes us at times, but regards us with clinical abstraction.
  • Metro: 7/10 – It’s not short of spectacle but in terms of innovation and variety this is nowhere near as forward-thinking as Bungie would like to pretend.
  • EGM: 6.5/10 – With a lifeless world, a hazily plotted, repetitive campaign, and an endgame that quickly resorts to a slow grind for marginally better loot, Destiny fails to deliver on the promise of its concept and the enormous potential of its gameplay systems.
  • Wired: 7/10 – Destiny doesn’t quite live up to the hype, but that it’s as enjoyable as it is in spite of those impossible expectations speaks to its overall quality.

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