Destiny Beta Details Leaked

It appears as though developer Bungie has gotten maps, co-op and multiplayer details leaked for the much anticipated Destiny Beta.

The Destiny Beta will include the following, in accordance with a leaked letter that was sent to GameStop employees:

  • 4 story chapters
  • 4 multiplayer maps
  • A co-operative Strike mission

Destiny Beta Details Leaked

And, below is another leaked image from Reddit, which suggests that the Destiny Beta will be 12.63GB on Xbox One.

Destiny Beta Details Leaked 1

What is fact, is that those who have already signed up, will receive three download keys to share with their friends.

The Destiny Beta starts July 17 and the game is slated to release September 9 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. 

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Source: VG24/7