YOU DESERVE Horror Game Releases on Steam this August

YOU DESERVE Horror Game Releases on Steam this August

Indie developer TGA Company in collaboration with Raul Borreguero & Matias Aguilera has announced that its new horror title, You Deserve, will be releasing for PC on Steam August 12, 2016.

You Deserve was Greenlit in only one week!

About You Deserve:

A group of teenagers led by Amy Cooper harassed a colleague in Raiven’s High School. Shortly after, the victim couldn’t stand the bullying anymore and took the horrible decision of committing suicide and taking revenge from beyond the grave of Amy. In You Deserve you play the role of Amy Cooper, who must try to escape alive from the horrible place where she is. To save your life, you must discover “where you are” and “why.” Analyzing the clues that the game will present you throughout the story will help you solve the mystery surrounding You Deserve.

Here is the official You Deserve trailer:

You Deserve will release for PC on Steam August 12, 2016.