Deponia by Daedalic iPAD Review

Deponia by Daedalic iPAD Review

This is our iPAD review of  award-winning Point & Click Adventure Deponia by Daedalic Entertainment.

Deponia’s protagonist is a lazy slob, Rufus, who is trying to escape his village of Kuvaq on the planet Deponia and reach the utopia planet of Elysium where everyone is rich without having to work for it. Throughout the game, lazy Rufus throws barbs and funny comments at his ex-girlfriend and her endless notes.

We found the game to be humorous, filled with dialogue, interesting characters along the way, challenging puzzles and fascinating storyline.

Deponia by Daedalic iPAD Review

We started off with the tutorial, which gives you a good overview of the controls. Being a point-and-click adventure, it wasn’t too difficult to get used to figuring out how to interact with Rufus and his environment. We did find however, that we sometimes had to go back to the same spot because we might have missed picking up an item after reading the note about it, but after a while, we got the hang of it.

We especially liked the mini-inventory at the bottom right hand side of the screen, which portrays three items. The full inventory of items allows you to combine some of them in order to get through to the next puzzle. Sometimes, we found the mini-inventory a bit sticky though when it came to dragging the items onto the scene, but were able to eventually manage it throughout the game.

We also enjoyed the beautiful hand-drawn artwork and vibrant colors of the different scenes along with the cool soundtrack.

Deponia by Daedalic iPAD Review

Key Features:

  • A cornerstone of the adventure genre and the beginning of the award-winning Deponia saga, now exclusively available for iPad
  • More than 20 likeable characters and despicable villains
  • More than 10 hours of enjoyable playtime
  • More than 40 different locations with hand-drawn backgrounds and highly detailed animations
  • A rebellious soundtrack you just can’t get out of your head

Although Deponia might start out a big frustrating with getting the hang of solving certain puzzles and getting used to what has to be done next, we still recommend a buy for hours of fun and challenge.

Deponia is now available, digitally and exclusively for the iPad, in the App Store for 9.99 US-$ / 7.99 £ / 9.99 EUR.

NOTE: the app requires iPad 3 or better or iPad Mini 2 or better. Older devices are not supported.