DeNA’s Monster Builder Now Available for iOS

DeNA’s Monster Builder Now Available for iOS

DeNA’s and Nurijoy’s latest free-to-play game, Monster Builder, is now available for download on ios mobile devices via the App Store.

Armed with the ability to create and craft monsters from their DNA, Monster Builder lets players save the world from alien invaders with powerful monsters of their own. After crafting their allies, players create custom teams based on elemental and monster types to counter the invading force across several levels designed to challenge their strategic skills.  With four elemental and monster types to mix and match from, Monster Builder is an interesting build of monster collection and tactical strategy gameplay.

DeNA’s Monster Builder Now Available for iOS

Monster Builder Features:

  • Mix DNA to create new monsters – battle and collect monster DNA. Mix them up and find the recipes for a myriad of unique monsters
  • Cast hero skills – discover the DNA sequences of hero units. Hero units have awesome unique abilities awaiting your command
  • Help your friends – join your friends’ research for faster development and share the rewards
  • Compete with other users – Jump into the Arena and dominate!
  • Endless possibilities – Over 100 DNA combinations for more than 1,000 exciting monsters!

Watch the official Monster Builder trailer:

Monster Builder is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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