Degica Games Announces Steam Midweek Sale

Degica Games Announced Steam Midweek Sale

It’s the Degica Midweek Steam Sale! November 7-11, 2017

TOKYO, Nov. 7, 2017 – If you know anything about Degica Games, you know that:  1.They all eat natto (look it up) for breakfast, 2.All of them can break dance, and 3.Their games are extremely diverse, with something for everyone.

  1. OneShot – 33% off
    Fresh off its PC Game of the Year nomination from the Golden Joystick Awards, this title has been so incredibly well-received that the devs are releasing it into French, Portuguese, and Spanish!  If you like games that recognize that the player exists or just well-done adventure games, you cannot afford to miss this.
  2. Koihime Enbu – 20% off
    It’s been a wild ride for Koihime recently.  First, it was selected as an official tournament title at this year’s CEOtaku, and now Degica is proud to bring you an OFFICIAL Koihime Enbu video strategy guide!  They also just released yet another big update to improve the online experience!
  3. A-Train PC Classic – 34% off
    The deepest and most complete Japanese to English train company/train station manager game on Steam is now $20 off.  If that doesn’t diversify our catalog I don’t know what does.  But seriously, do you like trains?  Get it while it’s hot.
  4. Senko no Ronde 2 – 50% off
    Speaking of getting it while it’s hot, we are featuring this epic arena bullet-hell battler for a whopping 50% off despite releasing it this past summer! This is the PERFECT time to convert that wishlist to a purchase and grab Senko no Ronde 2.
  5. RPG Maker MV – 70% offIt’s been out for nearly a year and we can still say with confidence that it is indeed the most powerful game-making software on the market.
  6. VR Sports – 30% offYes.  We even do VR.  Now with 8 sports and 2 DLC sports, it’s a bargain for less than $10.
  7. Still not convinced?  How about shooting zombies in VR with Voxel Shot VR for 50% off or tossing ninja stars and slashing katanas with Samurai Sword VR for 70% off?

So check out these titles and literally HUNDREDS of others on the Degica Games Midweek Steam sale!