Defiance – Pre-Purchase and Play Beta Now on Steam, Trailer

Defiance is a futuristic online open-world shooter where thousands of players scour a transformed Earth competing for alien technology.

Players can create a unique character and level up with diverse customization options. They can hunt alone or with others as they improve their skills and unlock powerful modern and alien weapons that will help them survive the massive battles that await in this constantly evolving online world.

Players can explore vast landscapes on a variety of vehicles and lead the charge in huge co-op battles and fierce multiplayer conflicts. Expect to immerse yourself in the world of Defiance as the game impacts, and is impacted by, the Defiance TV series.

You can view Defiance: Shadow War trailer below:

You can pre-purchase rewards and receive the following:

Base Offer 
Pre-Purchase and Receive

  • Get immediate access to the Beta on Steam! 
  • 3 day xp boost Outlander outfit 
  • In game title: Iron Demon 
  • Steam Exclusive Weapon “Phoenix” sniper rifle 
  • Red Dodge Challenger 

Reward 1
Everything Above, Plus: Steam Exclusive Title “Steam Powered” +5 inventory slots A-Tex Growler: Durable and reliable transportation in a no-nonsense package. The Petrahol super charged engine will give you a boost power when it’s most needed. This dark green camo patterned quad with heavy duty suspension is just what an Arkhunter needs to conquer the rough and hazardous terraformed terrain.

Reward 2 
Everything Above, Plus: Free Copy of Rift: Storm Legion
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Reward 3

  • Lock box 
  • +5 additional inventory slots 
  • 7 day XP boost 
  • Discount off the Season Pass 
  • RM Nomad M4: The RM Nomad M4 model is not yet available on the open market, so this is your chance to acquire an exclusive, blue digi-camo version months in advance! With a powerful combination of high durability and speed, this heavy duty 4X4 will protect you both on and off road. Powered by a non-threaded, multi-combustion fuse tank, the Nomad gets you and your valuable ark tech where you need to be.

Although Defiance won’t be officially out until April 2nd, if you pre-purchase the game on Steam right now, you can get immediate access to the Beta.

Will you be playing the Beta?