Deep Down Gets PS4 Enemy Bios and Screenshots

Capcom has revealed new enemy bios as well as released new screenshots for its PS4 RPG, Deep Down.

First up it’s  ‘Jackie’ which is a living treasure chest with a taste for human flesh. The Jackie will attack any player approaching to open the chest with its big teeth, arms and legs producing big damage, no matter what armor is worn:

Deep Down PS4 Jackie


Next is the ‘Pooriiz,’ which are insects found stuck to the ceilings of dungeons, waiting to detach and fall around players. The Poorliiz attack in swarms and can quickly overwhelm players, so beating them one at a time is a good strategy:

Deep down ps4 pooriiz


And last you can view a player using one of Deep Down’s portals:

Deep down ps4 portal


You can also check out the Deep Down prologue video here.

What do you think of Deep Down so far?